Teaching Philosophy

When I reflect on my time as a student, the most memorable classes were taught by charismatic professors with high expectations. As Academic Director of UCD’s MSc in Digital Marketing and as an instructor, I hope to offer my students this kind of experience.

My Experience


Dean’s List of Outstanding Teachers (2019)

Dr Julie Schiro provides consistently excellent teaching and learning experiences to UCD students at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. One measure of this is the consistent, exceptional student teaching and learning evaluations which Julie secures for every module she teaches. Since joining UCD, Julie has provided support to students and colleagues that is above what could reasonably be expected.” – UCD Award Citation

UCD College of Business Teaching Award (2018)

Dr Julie Schiro has demonstrated enthusiasm and excellence for both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching since joining UCD. Working in the digital marketing and marketing communications area she has taken a compelling but complicated area of theory and practice and created a learning environment in which students complete the module with more energy than they entered with. As an instructor Julie has demonstrated her capacity to communicate with originality, clarity and a depth which reflects her research and that of others. In her various teaching assignments Dr. Schiro has designed assignment strategies which are thoughtful and encouraging to students. Recognising clearly the emerging cultural dynamics of group and individual behaviour she has designed team learning activities which engage students, encourage participation and challenge them to learn. As a Subject Area colleague Julie has been a willing, cooperative and high energy teaching partner.” – UCD Award Citation

UCD College of Business Citation for Teaching Excellence (2018) 

“Julie’s application was supported by a seven nomination from students who praised her proactive, research-led and student-centred approach to learning. Amongst the comments made were: ” A level of translating heavy research into something so easily understandable I have never experienced anywhere else.” and “Julie is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her lectures are fun, engaging, very well organized’.” In her application Julie outlines an intense and active approach to the development of classroom materials and the delivery of a classroom experience which is managed with pace, excitement and technology-led innovation. Digital marketing, as Julie points out, is moving faster than the academy and she has acted with energy and insight to ensure that both leading edge marketing practice and theory are brought to the classroom. In a short period of time Dr. Schiro has positioned her teaching at the high end of excellence and created an enviable level of student engagement. UCD College of Business and its faculty are grateful to have a wonderful teacher and colleague contributing and leading teaching in this fashion.” – Teaching & Learning Awards Panel

Teaching & Learning Award Nominee (2017, 2018)


  • Marketing Strategy for Profitable Growth (Executive Education, AMD), UCD Smurfit School of Business, co-taught with Dr. Andrew Keating, Fall 2019
  • Digital and Brand Marketing (Executive Education, Bord Bia), UCD Smurfit School of Business, Summer 2019
  • Digital Understanding for Strategy Success (Executive Education, Alltech), UCD Smurfit School of Business, Summer 2019
  • Omnichannel Marketing Communications (MSc Marketing, MSc Digital Marketing), UCD Smurfit School of Business, Spring 2019
  • Digital Communications Mgmt (MSc Digital Marketing, Kaplan), (UCD Center for Distance Learning), Hong Kong, One-Week Intensive 2018
  • Marketing in the Digital Age (MSc Marketing, Kaplan), (UCD Center for Distance Learning), Hong Kong, One-Week Intensive 2017
  • Firms, Customers, & Society, UCD Quinn School of Business, Fall 2018, 2019 (Joint Course, 4 Faculty Total)
  • Digital Marketing CommunicationsUCD Quinn School of Business, Summer 2018, 2019
  • Marketing in the Digital Age (MSc Marketing), UCD Smurfit School of Business, Fall 2016, Spring 2018
  • Digital Communications Management (MSc Digital Marketing), UCD Smurfit School of Business, Fall 2017
  • Marketing CommunicationsUCD Quinn School of Business, Spring 2017
  • Buyer Behavior, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder, Fall 2012, 2013, 2014


  • Marketing Research and Analytics, Phil Fernbach, Leeds School of Business, University or Colorado, Boulder, Spring 2016
  • Experimental Design (PhD), John Lynch, Leeds School of Business, University or Colorado, Boulder, Spring 2014
  • Market Intelligence (MBA), John Lynch, Leeds School of Business, University or Colorado, Boulder, Spring 2013


  • Digital for Health!” Risk Perception, Communication, and Behavior Change (MSc Public Health), Pat Wall, UCD, Fall 2018
  • Programming in Qualtrics and MTurk,” Market Intelligence (MBA), John Lynch, CU Boulder, Spring 2014
  • Statistics in SPSS Statistical Software,” Market Intelligence (MBA), John Lynch, CU Boulder, Spring 2014
“So refreshing to have a young and enthusiastic teacher that’s obviously passionate about [what] they do. I honestly have no complaints. The readings were relevant and lectures were engaging. Keep it up! You rock!”
“Loved this class, most interactive, interesting, and informative class i have taken at cu. Julie was incredible and made all the information applicable and engaging. One of the best professors I’ve had.”
“I think you are one of the best teachers I’ve had. Class was engaging and the tests were fair. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot.”
“I just wanted to congratulate you for your class. I feel i learned multiple concepts/information that i can use for my life as a student and as a worker.”
“Are you teaching any other marketing classes next semester? I’m trying to formulate my schedule and would love to have you again.”
“I really liked all of the relatable examples you used. I was always able to picture the examples during the test, helping me to remember the material. Great job at making the class fun and interesting.”
“I didn’t know marketing was so cool!”